Add a Touch of Elegance to Your Living Space with Wall Art

The secret to stunning interior design is in the details. The fact that a well-designed piece can instantly change the feel and look of a room is enough proof that details matter big time when it comes to creating a stylish design scheme. Your plain walls can be the perfect canvas for incorporating such stylish details in your living space. A beautiful wall display can add a touch of elegance to the space and turn your walls from plain and dull into stylish features of your home. You would want something that looks unique, while at the same time compliments the style of your home. Just by looking at the vast selection of gorgeous wall art online and offline stores you can get an idea of what will work best in your home or get some inspiration about the final look you want to achieve.

From colourful oil paintings on canvas to carved wall art pieces depicting tree branches or animal patterns, there is indeed something for any home. The carved wall art online and offline shops have on offer are made of wood or metal and are designed to give the wall more dimension and create a nice contrast of shapes and patterns. Wooden wall art pieces would look best in a more traditional home setting, while metal ones with their smooth finish will be a wonderful addition to a more modern home. To have the have the desired effect of enhancing the beauty of your interior design the wall art should be displayed properly and things like available space, proportion and style all play a major role in this case.

Avoid hanging your wall art too high on the wall since this can make it look out of place and ruin the overall appearance of the room. Ideally, the centre of the wall art should be a eye level. How big is your wall should have a major influence in the selection of wall art pieces. Smaller narrow walls will look best when adorned with small pieces, while larger pieces are often used to dress up bigger walls. When hanging art over furniture make sure you consider the width of the furniture piece. As a general rule, the picture or art d├ęcor shouldn’t be wider than your furniture since this will draw attention from the stylish design of that furniture piece. When decorating with multiple smaller paintings I would recommend arranging them on the floor first before you hang them on the wall. This way you can see what wall display will work best for your living space.

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