Advantages of Flyscreens For Windows

Are you restraining yourself from letting fresh air inside your humble abode, simply because you’re afraid of opening a free entrance for all the bugs, flies and insects? Well, fear no more, there is a simple, stylish solution to make your fears disappear, flyscreens for windows. Made from uPVC frames, flycreens for windows are both practical and won’t destroy your home’s overall design. A flyscreen is a specially designed, tightly cross-hatched plastic net that is sprung and help by four frames (in the shape of your window) used to prevent insects entering the interior of your house.

Flyscreens For Windows

Benefits of Using Window Flyscreens

  • Insect Prevention – Insects can be hustle, flies for one are very annoying and can destroy your relaxing zen, but other insects such as wasps and spiders can even be deadly. Plus having to clean bug carcasses from your window stills and furniture can be quite unpleasant. Flycreens for windows remove this problem from your house completely, making them a great cheap option.
  • Fresh Air –If you keep your house enclosed for long periods of time, the air can become quite stuffy and not to mention all the smells that cannot escape the enclosed space. That’s why filtrating your house with fresh air should be a priority, especially if you are going to have guests visiting. Flyscreens allow you to do so, without any fear of having your house filled with creepy crawlies.
  • Hygiene – Insects are quite unhygienic, they consume all sorts of toxins and carry them on their bodies. When they enter your house, they walk over your food, utensils and your body. This can lead to diseases, reduction in the immunity system and the flu. So keeping your home sanitary should be a priority for all residents.
  • Comfortable Sleep – There is nothing worse than leaving your window closed during hot, stuffy nights, out of fear from letting uninvited guests inside. Well with flyscreens for windows you can freely leave the window open the whole night – without having to worry about stings and bites from unknown bugs.
  • Money Saver – Using an air conditioner throughout the entire summer can be quite costly for your electricity bill. Flyscreens provide you with the option of using your windows to cool your rooms. You will need to spend money to apply them, but they are an overall investment and a way cheaper option.

How to Measure for New Window Flyscreens

First you want to choose how to apply your window screen, there are two main ways window screen can be applied; face fixed and recess fixed.

  • Face Fixed: are fitted to the outside face of the windows timber frame; usually with PVS turnbuckles – that you can purchase as an add-on when you order your window screen.
  • Recess Fixed: are fitted on the inside of the windows recess. There are usually two frame thicknesses for such windows, 11mm and 9mm. Most manufacturers will, by default, ship you an 11mm frame, in order to receive a 9mm (if needed) you will need to contact them.

When measuring for the dimensions for your flyscreen you will need to consider two factors; hight and length.

  • Height: measured vertically.
    • Start measuring from the top of the window’s frame (or for inside fixing the top recess) all the way to the bottom most part of the window frame (or until you touch the recess).
    • Deduct 2mm from your measurements, this is your height length.
    • The 2mm will be useful for fitting, later on when you have to install the flyscreen.
  • Width: measured horizontally.
    • Start measuring from the left frame of the window (or for inside fixing the left recess) and measure to the right window frame (or until you touch the right recess).
    • Deduct 2mm again, this will be your width length.

Needed tools:

  • Measuring Tape
  • Note Pad
  • Pencil/Pen
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