How to Build a Solid Urban Wardrobe – Tips to Master This Style Game

Nowadays, every part of the world you go, you can see tons of people wearing urban clothes. The style is market by t-shirts, hoodies, and sneakers and the clothes are usually designed with some sort of slogan. While urban refers to informal, large jewelry and accessories are often used to give a little bit of posh and bling to the style.

 In the past, the urban style was associated with hip-hop and rap. But this has changed greatly, and the urban style is not just baggy pants or ‘bling-bling’ accessories anymore. If in the beginning, this type of fashion was considerate to be cheap, today, urban clothes are a symbol of prestige and fame. Those who wear dark t-shirts with erratic images are stating something. The reason why they wear jackets and denim pants is not just for comfort, but to state their urban and democratic lifestyle.

If you want to do a fashionable urban wear style, here are some tips to help you meet the style effectively.

Urban Wardrobe

Those into the urban style are absolutely crazy about hats – they are designed for specific outfit. Some like to wear looser pants, over the years those precise cut urban pants have changed. Shoes can vary, from sneakers to heels. Although some urban people difference and uniqueness can be seen in colours and through the shades, the basic of urban style is bright or black.

Mixing and Matching

One of the most important parts of the urban style is to understand how to wonderfully combine urban clothes with shoes and accessories. This can include mixing and matching concepts or patterns such as stripes with polka dots or unorthodox shades. The main rule is to be impressive and lovely.

Note: In urban fashion, the bolder the fashion mixtures are, the better.

Vintage Items

Vintage classics are a great addition to just about any kind of style. Whether it is an old arm jacket or a 1950’s cocktail outfit, any of these can take an urban outfit to a next level. You might find a classic handbag or hairpiece or other accessories too costly. Browse for possibly helpful items from your parents or maybe grandparents old cabinet. You might be surprised with the unique items you might found hide in there!

Signature Pieces

For some, urban wear is all about a signature image. You can achieve that via a fashion statement brought by a diamond necklace or maybe a ring. You can always use items that portray a cool message or an interesting image.

Use these techniques to help you master the urban style but don’t be afraid to make your own individual influences. Feel free to adjust and update your stage of fashion, imagination, and personality.

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