Cable Tracers Buying Guide

Cable tracers or cable testers are devices used to ensure that a certain electrical connection works properly. These devices are very useful and easy to use. All you need is to connect the tester to the cable and press the buttons so it can start initiating some tests. After a while, the tester will provide you with feedback indication whether or not the electrical connection is in good working condition. Outside of testing problems with the wires and connection, cable tracers can also provide you with different pieces of information about the characteristics of the cable like the wiring or the length of the cable. This simple guide will present you some of the features of cable testers and help you figure out which type of cable tracer is right for your needs.

Cable Tracers

Because there are so many different types of cables available, it follows that there is a wide range of cable tracers as well. The most common types of testers are network and audio cable testers. The first and most important step in the process of buying a cable tracer is to determine which type of cables you need to test and then make a comparison of different models, characteristics and prices for a certain type of tester.


These models of cable tracers are commonly used by network technicians who need to repair and maintain existing cables. Qualification tracers have all the features of verification models with the added feature of providing information about the data transfers the cable can support.


Definitely the most basic type of cable tracers available designed to provide basic verification that cables are properly paired and connected. These testers are capable only of checking problems and cannot provide information about data communication such qualification type of testers.


These are the most sophisticated types of testers available. Certification testers certify that a certain cable is designed to meet the industry standards for the specific type of cabling structure. Aside the basic functions, they come equipped with some more sophisticated features like creating a schematic of the entire network.

Keep in mind, each cable tracer manufacturer will have its own vocabulary and terminology when describing their products. This means in their product description you may not find the words like verification, certification, and qualification. However, when purchasing cable tester online do not forget to very the credibility of the seller. Check the feedback rating, what kind of conditions and terms the seller is asking for, does the seller have a money-back guarantee, etc. Always feel free to ask the seller anything you want to know about their selling conditions and products so you can make the right choice.

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