Key Things to Consider When Buying Casual Sneakers

With most workplaces allowing more relaxed dressing nowadays, sneakers are back on the menu boys! You don’t have to wear uncomfortable dress shoes that kill your feet anymore Instead, we’re back to wearing Js, Converse, Adidas and Air Max like we used to back in our high school days. If you’re on the market for buying some fresh men’s casual sneakers, then you might get overwhelmed by the amount of choice you have. If you’re comfortable shopping and can decide what you want just by looking at it like me, then all the power to you – grab a pair that appeals to you. But if you’re scared of buying the wrong pair that may be uncomfortable or whatever – then there are a few basic rules I’ll lay out for new sneakerheads that will make the buying process significantly easier. Let’s get on with it!

When buying men’s casual sneakers, you should look to pick a pair that fits your current wardrobe/style. What’s the point of getting new expensive kicks if they don’t suit your style? Don’t hop on trends just because something’s hot right now. I buy shoes much more often than I buy other clothing, meaning my shoe selection usually revolves around clothes that are a few years old. That being said, choose sneakers that complement what you already have, not sneakers that may force you to rebuy your entire wardrobe.

Then, go for a pair that’s easy to maintain and clean. Sneakers, unless Converse, should always be clean. I personally avoid suede for this reason, as they get dirty quite easily. Black sneakers are a safe bet, while white should be avoided unless you don’t mind cleaning them a few times a week. Eliminate odours, brush the outsoles, wash the laces and use a sneaker shield if you want to prolong your sneakers’ appeal and longevity. People like us who love wearing sneakers for almost every occasion walk a thin line between looking great and underdressed, so make sure you’re always on the right side of that line.

I like separating sneakers into a couple of categories. The basic classics like Chucks, which are incredibly versatile and you can wear them with chinos, denim and shorts of any colour and shade as long as you match or contrast them. Refined luxury sneakers that make you look business casual and can be worn with slim denim, chinos and tailored trousers. My personal favourites – classic sports sneakers like the Jordans and Pumps that look great with tapered and fit-denim and casual outerwear.

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