CCTV Drain Camera: Identify Pipe Blockage or Damage with Great Precision

So, you’re about to fall asleep in your warm and cosy bed and suddenly you hear a strange sound in the walls. Could it be a break-in? Or perhaps you’ve annoyed the ghost you share your home with? But regardless of how likely these scenarios are, the most common cause of such noise is something wrong with your pipes.

cctv drain camera

This can be a sewer line that’s damaged or a drain that’s clogged. Either way, problems with plumbing are a hundred times scarier than living in a haunted house. Not only does this mean expensive repairs, but also, you’ll probably need to go days without water until the problem is fixed. And then, there’s also the fact that damage to pipes can also result in damage to other parts of your house and mould.

However, when it comes to damage in your pipes, you’re only able to guess unless you have the proper tools. In order to have a precise look into what the problem is, you will need to call in a plumber to come over with a special CCTV drain camera. With this device, the plumber will be able to inspect pipes that are hidden behind the thickest of walls and floors without needing to do expensive and messy digging.

A CCTV drain camera is made of strong materials that are durable and resistant to corrosion, such as aluminium alloys. Most devices are made up of four parts: a small video camera that’s attached to a long sewer cable (about 30 – 120 m), a control box that can operate it and a video monitor that allows you to observe everything the camera records in real time.

As the camera is pushed forward into the drain, the plumber can check and assess the state of the plumbing system and precisely detect the exact reason and spot where the problem occurred. The video from the inspection can be saved, allowing to make a double-check if there are some doubts about something.

As you can see, a CCTV drain camera is similar to an endoscope used to observe the inside and function of some organs in the body. And similarly to how this medical device is one of the most accurate diagnostic tools in health care, the same goes for CCTV drain cameras and plumbing. But besides detecting faults, blockages and leaks, this device can also be used to check for any hidden pipes. Some new homeowners who aren’t aware of how their plumbing system is structured, can damage it accidentally when making renovation. For that reason, if you’re unsure about where your pipes are located, it’s best to inspect them with a camera.

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