Tips for Choosing Comfortable Slippers for Elderly People

Getting older means getting more experienced and wiser. It’s about taking things in your stride and capitalise on the wisdom you gather along the way. But unfortunately, our body just like all the things in the material world would age, so ageing also means getting used to changes in your body. Inevitably, getting older also comes with common health conditions among which foot problems being the most common. Actually many researches have found out that foot pain affects approximately one in four older people.

As we get older, our feet undergo numerous changes. The skin gets thinner and we lose fat padding on the bottom of the feet. Also, the joints get stiffer while the arches get flatter. On top of that, feet tend to spread out more as ligaments lose strength. Conditions like diabetes and arthritis can also cause your feet or ankles to swell. All this can make regular shoes difficult to put on and uncomfortable to wear so you might find that you need a special type of shoes to accommodate your feet – something like a pair of comfortable slippers.

Many seniors want their shoes to stay firmly on their feet without having to bend down and fiddle the laces. Flip flops and other types of shoes that anchor to the feet could easily slip off or cause you to trip, while sneakers with laces would be harder to get them fasten.

Comfortable slippers, on the other hand, are easy to put on and take off. They usually feature adjustable opening and fasteners that are lace-free (such as Velcro straps) to accommodate feet’s changing size and provide for a better foot grip. These slippers are usually worn indoors but they are also suited for light outdoor use. A pair of comfortable slippers come with extra cushioning in order for the wearer to stay comfortable. Also, a non-slip sole is essential as it can ensure stability and prevent falls.

Finding comfortable shoes that fit is one of the best things that you can do for your feet or for someone that you know that has foot problems. But let’s not target these shoes solely for elderly people. If you are experiencing swollen feet at the end of the day after coming home from work, admit, there‚Äôs nothing better than slipping on a pair of toasty warm comfortable slippers that will make you feel like walking on clouds.

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