Essential Elements that Can Infuse Your Living Space with Indian Flare

A blend of exotic charm, effortless elegance and cheerful vibes, the Indian interior design style is a truly distinctive way to design your living space. Indian interiors are designed to embrace comfort and function in a way that transforms the home into a peaceful oasis for spending wonderful moments with family and friends. Stylish and unique elements that reflect the rich history and diverse culture of Indian are the things that make this interior design style so enchanting and pleasing to the eye.

The happy vibes reflected through the use of a vibrant colour pallet, combined with the relaxing ambiance delivered by such elements like candles and large lamps can instantly put you in a great mood and help you relax after a busy day. That’s why Indian style interiors can be considered as the epitome of relaxed living since they are designed to be pleasant and inviting, all while being highly functional at the same time. With a bit of creativity and smart use of furniture and accessories you can easily get the gorgeous Indian look in your home. Let’s take a look at some essential elements that can infuse your living space with Indian flare.

Wonderfully crafted mirrors

A well-designed Indian mirror can serve as the ideal centrepiece of your unique design scheme. Mirrors can serve both a practical and decorative purpose. If your space lacks natural sunlight consider hanging a large Indian mirror on the wall opposite the window. The mirror will reflect the sunlight coming from the window, thus giving the room a bright and airy feel. Mirrors that feature details like pearls and gemstones can be used as wonderful d├ęcor pieces that represent the ornate character of Indian interior design.

A distinctive colour pallet

Bright and bold colours are probably the most distinctive features of Indian interiors. When creating the colour pallet it’s important to choose colours that go well together, while at the same time create a unique contrast of hues. Rich dark shades like red, blue and purple are commonly used as accent colours against a lighter often softer background that serves as the main colour pallet.

Wooden furniture

Comfortable wooden furniture is a key element of Indian interior design. The furniture pieces often have a rustic design and are carefully crafted to be very durable and long lasting. The most commonly used wooden materials include exotic species such as teak, ebony and rosewood, which are well know for their gorgeous grain and rich colour.

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