FLIR E4 – in Depth Analysis of Features

On the market, currently, there are tonnes of test equipment whether they are analogue or digital. For every professional out there, you can find a device that will match their needs and budget. However, the last couple of years FLIR has made their technological baby the E4. So, if you are looking for the E4 FLIR thermal imaging camera for sale, you have arrived at the right place, because we will discuss all of the specs of this extraordinary device!

Grease Gun Flir-E4

Regardless in which field you work buying the E4 FLIR thermal imaging camera for sale is the best thing you have done. This camera offers you quality, durability and functionality. With this camera, you will increase the safety of all your machinery and tech in your company. With having so many things integrated inside, we will go through the main features of the E4 FLIR thermal imaging camera.

  • It has a built-in visual camera

  • it has nearly 5k pixes with 80×60 infrared res

  • The thermal sensitivity starts from 0.15 degrees Celsius

  • The astonishing enhanced image quality is due to the multi-spectral dynamic imaging

  • It has big and advanced menu that has a bright easy readable display

  • The different colour pallets offers diversity for many users

  • The integrated FLIR tools offer you the chance to have advanced image analysis backed by a comprehensive reporting software

  • The house is durable with rugged parts that are durable for drops bigger than 2 meters

  • The Rechargeable batteries offer long periods of usage and fast recharging

These features made a lot of professional buys this camera because is the best solution for any testing needs in whichever industry they might work. The most important thing is when this device was made they focused not only about giving accurate readings, but also providing easy and simple user experience offering fast results which help professionals reduce time and mistakes especially in those situations where contamination must be stopped at any cost.

The FLIR E4 thermal imaging camera offers you the opportunity to see both standard images as well an infrared image, so you can analyse the situation better. They can be kept both at a time, which later you can import them to a computer using the FLIR tools software. Buying this camera will bring you on a different level with you work, brining images that were not noticeable with other infrared cameras!

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