Flue Gas Analyser: A Complete Analysis of Flue Gas, Combustion Processes and Gas Emissions

The generated gas during the process of combustion is know as flue gas. The composition of this kind of fuel is determined primarily by the conditions during the whole process of combustion. Carbon and hydrogen are the main components of this fuel. Flue gas analyser is an essential device when it comes to measuring as well as testing the efficiency of the whole combustion process.

Flue Gas Analyser

The main function of this device is to make detailed measures of the air quality of both industrial areas as well as homes where fossil fuelled appliances are being used. Every service engineer working on both domestic or commercial sites should have a high-quality flue gas analyser. Whether it be for management, maintenance or even during installations, these gas analysers are an important part of the whole work equipment. So in order to use them properly it is important to understand how these devices actually operate. In this article we will go over the different uses of gas analysers and what are their primary features.

When it comes to choosing the right analyser for your application, the options are really endless. Both online and offline shops offer a wide range of models that have different configuration and of course provide different benefits so you will have no problem choosing one that will meet your specific needs and requirements. Different manufactures provide different types of gas analysers. Some models are designed for industrial appliances, however most analysers are suitable for both domestic and industrial uses. Besides testing different appliances the analyser can be used to monitor the quality of the air as well.

Gas analysers have advanced features and are configured to make accurate measurements of the different gas emissions as well as preform complete analysis of the combustion processes. With these advanced tools you can easily check the temperature of the flue gas as well as determine the amounts of Carbon Monoxide, Carbon Dioxide and Oxygen produced by your application. You can use the flue gas analyser to measure the quality of the air in the room. Devices that are combining air and fuel like heaters, cookers and boilers make products during the combustion process. One such combustion product is Carbon Monoxide which can be very dangerous and even deadly in some situations. So this where your analyser can be very helpful. It is designed to measure with precision the level of Carbon Monoxide letting you know if the environment is safe or not.

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