An Honest Review: The FLIR C3

If you are looking for a pocket sized testing equipment that has a multi-option functions and is compact and robust, then look no further because the FLIR C3 is the thing that you are looking for. With this thermal imaging camera, you will find moisture problems, analyse electrical and mech faults and even find hot places in electronic equipment and even find pest problem in an area that is not reachable.

Flir C3

One thing in particular that FLIR C3 with Wi-fi already equipped, which means it can transfer any data without a problem. Strangely but true, not all devices like the FLIR C3 with wi-fi option come at the price range. Also, when the problem is found, you can immediately show the problem to the customer even if they are distanced far away. This small yet multi-functional device is one of the best devices in Australia. A lot of engineers, inspectors, fireman and other professional use it so they can finish their job better. Another thing that a lot of people find astonishing is the easy FLIR tools software that helps you to create professional thermal imaging reports in just a few steps.

Even though is small, the measurement functions of this device are one-step ahead of the competition. It comes with a spot meter that displays the max and min temperature, showing which part of the image is hottest or coldest allowing you a fast way to analyse and diagnose problems and faults.

Thanks to the FLIR’s patented MSX image enhancement they add extra visual detail to the picture in both real times and even stored images. This enhancement works by taking two pictures at the same time, where afterwards both images are integrated into one which makes it easier to find the location of the fault.

FLIR decided to keep the overall design of the C3 compact and uncomplicated by using a 3-inch intuitive touchscreen that allows a better user experience which can be compared to a smartphone or a tablet. The FLIR C3 also comes with an integrated auto orientation, making sure that the pictures show correct data, regardless in which position the C3 is used.

Without a doubt investing into the best thermal imaging camera, the FLIR C3 with Wi-Fi option is the best decision any professional can make. It has a decent price, great functionality, durability and reliability that no other imaging camera has. There are dozens of retailers in Australia, however finding the right one depends on your location or your preference whether to shop online or not.

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