How to Introduce More Green on Your Clothing Scene

Women are spending so much money and time on shopping. They always look for something new, modern and trendy and the truth is, they never get enough. With the world of fashion that becomes so expanded and rich of clothing pieces, trends in this industry are constantly changing. With so many people opting for healthier food products and lifestyles, comfortable and environmentally friendly clothing is becoming more and more popular and even more widely available than ever before. If you are one of those girls who want to be in step with the trend and add more green in your closet you don’t need to empty your bank account. These few simple tricks can help you make a positive change in your wardrobe.


Choose greener fibers – Most of the clothes on the market are made of synthetic fabrics like acrylic, rayon, nylon and polyester. They are widely available and cheap, but they are actually bad for the environment because during their production process they are treated with a lot of different chemicals. When it comes to fabric, look for something beyond of massive produced synthetic pieces. For example, bamboo products are durable and have decidedly luxurious texture, comparable to that of products made of silk.

Bamboo is not just a renewable resource but is biodegradable as well. Most of the bamboo fabric in the world is produced in Chine, but also there are other manufacturers from other countries that import the fibre and make their own soft and durable bamboo products, including baby clothing, bed sheets, towels, and more. So no matter where you live, there is certainly a clothing store that will provide you with 100% organic bamboo pieces.

Use what you’ve got – There is no need to change your old clothes with a new one made from bamboo or other organic fibre. Recycling the clothes is another perfect way to ”green” your wardrobe. Take your time and check to see if there are any items that can be mended such as missing buttons, loose stitches, fallen hems, they all can be fixed easily. With a little effort, you can transform your clothes into completely new creations. If there is still something you want to get rid off, consider donating instead of trashing.


Shop smart – When looking to buy a new piece of clothing look for products made by companies with a commitment to bettering the environment. There are a lot of world-known brands that offer a whole line of products made from organic fibre. If your favourite chain does not produce ”eco-line” of clothing, there are a number of other manufacturers that are producing a growing number of clothing items labelled as eco-friendly. There is a label for products that are 100% organic and those made with less than 70% organic ingredients.

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