Kyoritsu Test Equipment – Exploring the Most Popular Models

Kyoritsu is the name that takes its place in the world of electrical test and measurement equipment since 1940 with specialised expertise in low voltage test measurement. The company has offered world-class products from decades all for the “right prices”. With their proven quality, Kyoritsu test equipment has for long been the choice of many experienced electrical installation professionals. The range of Kyoritsu testers counts more than 20 different models with test voltage ranging from 15V to 12KV with either digital or analogue indicators. Compact, user-friendly and battery-powered, these testers are an industry standard today. In addition, we present you just a few of many other Kyoritsy testers available. So, if you are looking for test equipment, maybe one of these testers will become your choice.

Kyoritsu 6205 Hand Held Portable Appliance Tester

This model of Kyoritsu test equipment offers the latest in portable appliance testing. It is compact tester designed for test and tag of extension, appliances and RCD’s to AS/NZS 3760 standards. It is very user-friendly what makes testing and tagging both more straightforward and faster. This easy to use device can also perform a current leakage test and load test of appliances. Also, its built-in isolation transformer allows for testing portable RCD’s while at the same time reduce the risk of main building RCD tripping out. No matter you are testing RCD, lead or appliance, all you need to do is to select the right type of test and connect the equipment. The test is performed easy and quick and the results will be displayed on the LXS screed in an easy to read format. Kyoritsu 6205 has a great memory capacity allowing for about 999 rest results to be saved.

Kyoritsu 5020 TRMS 3-Channel Current/Voltage Data Logger

This Kyoritsu tester is a compact three-channel data logger that can be used for simultaneously recoding load current, leakage current and voltage. This device can take different measurements with a memory capacity to store up to 60,000 data points while keeping it safe even in case of a power loss. Setting up the Kyoritsu 5020 is easy and simple. You just need to connect the sensor to the instrument and confirm the recording mode (Trigger, normal, power quality analysis or capture). The LCD display makes all the information such as sensor connection status, mode, max, min and the average value for each channel, time and date easily available and easy to read. This Kyoritsu tester is also equipped with KEW LOG Soft 2 softer program which allows processing large data files, configure data logger settings, graph results and display issues like interruptions, dips and voltage swells.

Kyoritsu 4140 Digital Loop Impedance Tester with PSC, PFC, Anti-Trip and Phase Rotation

This digital tester is designed for measuring PSC ( prospective short current) and PFC ( prospective fault current), measuring both frequency and voltage. The PSC and PFC can also be read directly and the featured anti-trip technology allows for completely trip free loop testing. Also, the dual digital display allows for simultaneously presented measurements like the PFC/PSC and the loop. Another great characteristic of this device is the ability to enjoy a “hands-free” testing just by using the lock-down test button with audio-start operation. Apart from the loop testing, Kyoritsu 4140 can also perfomr phase rotation testing while the backlit front panel keypat and the display allow for operation in low light conditions.

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