Laptop Hard Cases: the Right Investment to Amp up Your Professional Self

When you finally get a promotion to be the executive manager of the PR department is the best thing in my career. This is something that I was aiming for the start when I finished college. Being part of a marketing is filled with a lot of travelling all around Australia, which can be demanding on the equipment especially on my computers. My team is composed of 10 people that are hardworking, professional and cannot do their jobs without their laptops (which are around 15). To carry them from one place to another we use laptop hard cases. Finding quality cases, to be honest, it was not so easy. Firstly we used the ones that the laptop manufacturer provided – it was disastrous. We had one broken screen and two laptops scratch after our first trip aboard. So the process of finding the best laptop hard cases began.


When we started travelling, fristly we bought the ones that came from the same PC store as our laptos, they looked good at the beginning, however, after just two days the material wore off and our laptops were exposed to harm. So I sat down with our supply manager, had a long talk and decided to give him one week to find me the best quality laptop case in Australia. It took two weeks, nevertheless, the result was amazing. Bellow, I will go with the best choice we made and how much a life saver can a laptop hard case be!

We went with a custom made note case that is specifically built and sized to suit our laptops. Its large format allows you to carry from 9 up to 18 laptops. This case was made in Bayswater, Eastern Suburbs of Melbourne. It has a leather look and you can pick colours from a wide range of panels.

It comes with 10 mm a grade laminated ply, hinged lid or fully removable lid. The latches are made from pen elcom recessed pad-lockable latches and the angles are made with 30mm heavy duty aluminium and 25mm aluminium joining hybrids. If you wish to have optional extras you can order it with a set for 4 premium penn elcom 100mm, with additional features such as coloured panel options, lightweight panel options such as branding and imaging.

It has been 6 months and without a doubt, I can assure you cannot make a mistake by buying these laptop hard cases. For anyone who is travelling a lot whether working as a journalist, in the IT sector or like me as a PR manager, will safe you a lot of money, time and unnecessary headaches because these cases offer durability, functionality and are reliability.

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