Latex Mattress Meets Sweet Dreams

Missing a good night’s rest due to an uncomfortable mattress affects many aspects of life. The effects are of course, negative. You are not functional, thus not productive. Little to no sleep is linked to loss of concentration, focus, and even memory. But the consequences don’t end here. Chronic sleep deprivation increases the risk of other cognitive health issues, including osteoporosis and cancer.

Latex Mattress
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Sleeping on a comfortable, quality mattress will surely improve your overall health. A research has found that a good mattress can improve sleep quality by 62%, sleep comfort by 70%, and back stiffness by 50% in a period of four weeks.

When it comes comfortable and quality features, a latex mattress offers just that. Noted for its hygienic and Eco-friendly materials, a latex mattress has a lot going for it.

While many think it is a new product, latex mattresses have actually been used since the mid-1990s. It’s only recently that modern manufacturing processes have made them practical for the average buyer. The trend for greener products has also sparked the growth.

Latex can be either natural or synthetic. Natural latex is extracted from the sap of the rubber tree while synthetic latex is created from petroleum. Latex mattresses available on the market can be completely natural or a mix of natural and synthetic latex. Organic latex is also available and is becoming quite popular.

While memory foam and spring mattress are also popular options, latex mattresses own great owner satisfaction ratings, usually matching and even outperforming memory foam. The benefits of latex mattresses will vary depend on the type you choose, but the ones mentioned above will be found in all latex mattresses.

Relief of Pressure Points

A good mattress should support you without putting much pressure on the body. This pressure can lead significant amount of discomfort. When a mattress is compressed, the speed at which it comes back is called responsiveness, and it is an important factor for the alleviation of pressure. Because latex mattresses are more responsive than innerspring and most memory foam mattresses, they effectively conform to the body’s contours.

Longevity and solid durability

One of the biggest factors of quality with any product is the period of time it lasts. When you invest your money on a mattress, you want it to be durable. Taking into consideration that an average mattress lasts about 7-8 years and that latex mattresses have a lifespan of 8-12 years, this proves that they are a much more durable option than their counterparts.

Motion Isolation

For those who sleep with a partner or with pets, the ability of a mattress to absorb the motion from a user’s movement is quite important. The turning and tossing of one person can be disruptive to the other person on the mattress if it has poor motion isolation. The majority of latex mattresses perform better at isolating motion, especially when compared to spring mattresses.

Choosing a mattress shouldn’t be a pain in the neck. All you have to do is become an informed shopper, rely on reviews and trust your gut!


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