Learn to Use Probe Thermometers Right

Relying on technological inventions in order to simplify our lives is what all of us do on a daily basis. Our kitchens are equipped with so many different devices designed to make cooking easier and thus save us a lot of preparation time. From blenders, juicers, microwaves, to even thermometers. The thermometer is a small device used to help you ensure that the proper food temperature is reached and maintained. This piece of equipment has a pointy metal steam that can be inserted into food and thus checks the internal temperature. If your kitchen is missing this device, maybe is time to make a place for it in your cabinet. There are many different models out there, so knowing what to look for in this tool can help you choose the right one for your kitchen.



Probe Thermometer Types

  • Probe thermometer digital is a two-piece model. The probe remains in the food while it is cooking, but the basic part of the tool stays outside the oven and shows you the internal temperature on the display. Some advanced models of probe thermometer digital come with alarm built-in that can be set before you put the meat in the oven. This feature gives you the ability to choose the type of meat you are cooking and how well you want to be cooked.
  • Digital or dial instant-read models are not safe for oven use. You can insert the tool into the meat at the end of the cooking time and this gives you accurate measurements of the internal temperature of the food. The numbers will appear on the display after just a few seconds.
  • Oven proof thermometers come with a thick post that goes inside the food. You leave the tool during the entire time while the food is cooking and then the thermometer accurately displays the internal temperature of the meat.
  • Microwave models are designed only for microwave use and you can not use them in any other way.

Easy of use

Depending on the style of the thermometer, some models are easier to read than others. Also, depending on your skills, you may not be able to read the readings through the oven door. The easiest models to use are probe thermometers since their display sits outside the oven. Digital or dial models are a little bit cumbersome because you need to remove the food from the oven so you can read the measurements.


Generally, food thermometers are accurate tools or in some case, the temperature can vary not more than one or two degrees. Some models come with a test mark for accuracy. Simply place the thermometer into boiling water and make an accuracy test. Instant-read types of thermometers have a re-calibration feature you can use to adjust the tool for accuracy.


Thermometers are made with stainless steel for a high level of durability while some are dishwasher safe as well. The glass is shatter-proof which means these small pieces of equipment are perfectly safe to use.

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