Macbook SSD Buying Guide

Many people struggle to decide weather to replace their old Macbook Pro with a new one or just stick with the current model that still works perfectly fine. Although, new models come with improved features they are also quite expensive. A cheaper alternative would defiantly be to upgrade the current model. This provides many benefits and is easier than you might think. The first question that comes to mind is what is the most reliable upgrading option to go with?

Well, the best way to upgrade your earlier version of Macbook Pro and enjoy a better performance is by replacing the old and slow hard drive with an efficient and high-quality Macbook SSD. It is a great investment that will not just speed up your computer but will save you money as well. Before you start the upgrading process here is everything you need to know about the SSD technology.

Macbook SSD

What is actually a SSD?

Solid-state drive or SSD is a data storage device that has the same function as the standard hard disk drive (HDD). The main difference between SSD and HDD is the way they operate. The traditional hard drive stores data on spinning metal platters. It includes a little component shaped like a needle which moves to the position of the data and provides access to it. Writing the data is done in a similar way. The SSD on the other hand doesn’t include moving parts and uses flash memory. Furthermore, with the SSD the computer gets access to information more efficiently and quickly.

Why is SSD a great upgrading option for your Macbook?

A specifically designed Macbook SSD is a great replacement for your old and slow hard drive. For starters it is much faster and it improves the overall system performance. Your Macbook will read data 5x faster than it did with the old HDD and it will write data at least 2x as fast. All this will significantly reduce boot times as well as improve the file copying speed. Moreover, launching apps will be much quicker and you will save and open documents in a matter of seconds. Overall, a high-quality Macbook SSD is a great investment in the long run that can make your current Macbook Pro faster and easier to work with.

How to choose the right Macbook SSD?

The first thing when it comes to choosing the right SSD is to determine how much storage you need. Different models come with different storage capacities including 32 GB, 62 GB, 120 GB, 240 GB, 480 GB, 1 TB, etc. There is really a wide range of options to choose from. Another important factor to consider is the memory. There are two basic types: multi-level cell (MLC) and single-level cell (SLC). Both of them have different features and benefits. The SLC technology is faster and more reliable, however, it is also a more expansive option. MLC on the other hand can store more data and is cheaper to produce.

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