How Do Manifold Gauge Sets Work

Anyone who wants to do some work around the house on some basic systems requires a tool such as a manifold gauge set. Shops use large and expensive sets, but there are smaller and cheaper sets available intended for household use. Both of them do the same job, but the larger and expensive machines perform much better when it comes to evacuating and recharging. You can use a household gauge set for adding a little bit of refrigerant, with some effort perform a full evacuation and recharge, check pressure and determine leaks in a/c lines.

Manifold Gauge Sets

These pieces of equipment are great, but there is the problem of understanding how they actually work. It’s really simple, the gauge just opens and closes the hand valve. You connect the hoses to the service ports, high pressure to high pressure, low pressure to low pressure. Then, you will be given the correct measurements and you will be able to determine what is the problem. There are a lot of different readings that will show up on the manifold gauge set in order to learn them all I would advise you to read the manual that comes with the gauge set. When you determine what the problem is, you will be able to easily fix it.

You might be wondering if this kind of equipment has any uses. The truth is that it does. These simple tools are helpful in areas such as heating, ventilation and air conditioning, this is why they are given the acronym HVAC. They provide you with the ability to reach thermal comfort and the quality of the indoor air to be acceptable. They are used to read the pressure of the vacuum, various gases and liquids in a system used for cooling when pressure testing or charging a device. They can be used on home cooling systems and on cars.

You can see if there are problems with the cooling systems and you can add refrigerant if it is needed. This removes your need to call a technician in order to fix something that you can easily do yourself. All you need to avoid such problems are a manifold gauge set and the knowledge how to work with it. You can choose between the two types of sets, analogue and digital. You can see which one will suit you best, but the digital ones do require a bit of training in order to be used properly, however, they are more accurate.


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