Musicians: Getting a Heavy Duty Travel Case is a Smart Move

As a musician, it can sometimes be difficult to travel with your beloved instrument. Planes are scary places for musicians and many instruments have been damaged beyond repair on them. The sound can be altered just by touching the instrument by the people that inspect it. You can imagine what could happen if the instrument is getting hit from all sides by the walls and other bags. Before you hop on a plane and go to your next big gig, you must take a few precautions.


You can use a gig bag, but they don’t really offer any protection for your instrument as they are just a way to carry it easier. You can put clothes and other soft things in the gig bag around the instrument. But, that isn’t going to cut it. You need something that can withstand more than just a few hits. So what to do when you have to travel with your instrument and what is the best way to ensure that it won’t be damaged?

By far, the thing that offers the most protection to any kind of gear is a hard travel case. You might be asking why? Well, the answer is because they are built for the job, hard travel cases are built to withstand hits. Especially when flying is involved. A heavy duty travel case is built from 10mm A grade laminated plyboard and it has heavy duty aluminium angles and hybrids, Penn Elcom latches. For added protection, there are the heavy duty steel ball corners and heavy-duty recessed sprung handles. This will all ensure a safe flight for your instrument and you won’t have to constantly worry about it. Some manufacturers even offer you the option of being able to customise your case. You can choose the colour of your panels, and even have the logo of your band on the heavy duty instrument case.

They may be expensive, but they sure make up for it with their quality. If you’re unsure about the price, just think what it would cost you to buy a new instrument. Plus, as a musician, I know the feeling of being connected to your instrument, even if it is cheap. But, you don’t have to lose that connection with your favourite piece of gear by breaking it. Purchasing a hard case for travelling is the best options available if you are a musician on the rise to fame.

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