Nudie Jeans – What Is Your Ideal Fit?

Jeans are definitely the most versatile and most popular piece of clothing we all enjoy to wear. The number of jeans brands on the market is huge and the number of options we can buy is even bigger. So in that sea of jeans, we often find confused what is the name we should thrust. People who are still in possession of their senses and want to make some good for the environment are avoiding to buy new denim. But, this is not a case when it comes to Nudie jeans. Why? Because this Swedish denim brand has been boasting about organic cotton since its foundation in 2001 and since 2012 Nudie is making a while collection of denim made of organic cotton.

Nudie jeans are one of the biggest players in the world of denim and with their organic jeans, this Swedish brand has taken the denim to the next level. Their jeans are known and worn all around the world, so if you are feeling curious to try a pair or two, here is a guide to the Nudie jeans styles.

Tight fit

  • Skinny lin – This is one of the recently released models and as the name refers it comes in a skinny fit. These super skinny jeans made of 100% cotton have curved waistband, normal rise and are tight from the hips down to the leg opening.
  • Tight terry – This pair of jeans offer a tight fit in stretch denim. They come with a tight leg, tilted waist, narrow leg opening and zip fly. If this is your perfect pair of Nudie jeans, you can choose between dry denim and black, washed denim options.

Slim fit

  • Tilted tor – If you are looking for a narrow leg opening, then this model of jeans would be perfect for you. It is a slim fit model with a button fly, a normal front and a wist that is slightly tilted with a high back rise.
  • Grim tim – It is a classic model of jeans perfect choice for any jean lover. It features a classic five pocket design, straight legs and a button-fly with single branded button fastening and branded metal rivets placed to the stress points.
  • Thin finn – This slim fit style of jeans comes with a narrow leg opening and cut taper down from the hip making them perfect choice of jeans for your weekend wardrobe. Pair them with footwear of your choice and a V Neck jumper and you are ready to go.
  • Lean dean – This is a comfortable pair of jeans made of stretch denim that is unrinsed so it can create a more aesthetic look that will shrink a bit more than other stretch denim models. It comes slim from the top to the bottom what makes it perfect for people with contemporary style.

Regular fit

  • Dude dan – A regular fit with a regular rise. Perfect with a pair of canvas shoes and sweatshirt these 100% cotton made pair of jeans is essential for any casual wardrobe.
  • Fearless freddie – This is regular fit jeans that boast a carrot shaped silhouette and a regular waist. It’s button fly and regular leg opening are available in a range of black, dry and washed options.
  • Steady eddie – This model is cut to a regular fit that is straight through the leg and comfortable upon the waist. The end result is a pair of jeans that is smart yet versatile. For a trendy look, match them with a flannel shirt and a pair of canvas shoes.

Loose fit

Brute knute – The perfect pair for those who like to wear loose denim. They come with a tapered leg, a narrow leg opening and a long crotch. If you decide to buy this model opt for one full size down from your standard waist for the best fit.

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