What Makes Street Style a Cool and Popular Fashion Trend

In the creative and ever evolving fashion world making a fashion statement is not that much about following current fashion trends, but putting together an eye-catching outfit that makes you feel both confident and comfortable. There are are many fashion enthusiasts that are willing to give up comfort for the sake of looking stylish and unique and on some occasions that can work well like the time Jennifer Lawrence wore a stunning Versace dress for an outdoor photocall in London although it was freezing outside. Although she was criticized by the media for not being dress appropriately for the harsh London weather, there is no denying she looked amazing and it was a formal occasion that after all called for such a glamorous look. On days when she’s not promoting her movies or rocking the red carpet for an award show, the famous actress likes to wear more casual street style outfits.

As opposed to fashion trends that emphasise a more glamorous look, urban street style is all about creating the perfect balance between looking stylish and feeling comfortable in what you’re wearing. The rise to popularity of street style begin in 2006 when the renowned fashion designer Alexander Wang introduced his casual black jeans and baggy tees in the dubbed “off duty” clothing collection. Since then it has become a favourite among fashion designers and celebrities alike. What’s more many fashion bloggers like to incorporate streetwear into their outfits. After all adding a dose of urban charm into your fashion looks is quite simple once you invest in a few staples.

All you need to pull off a casual yet chic street style look are some nicely paired womens streetwear clothing pieces in the form of jeans, t-shirts, sneackers and sweaters. Since street style puts comfort above anything else, opt for womens streetwear clothing pieces that are slightly bigger than what you would normally wear. This doesn’t mean that the entire outfit should consists of oversized pieces only. This can have the opposite effect and look rather messy and unfashionable. The thing that makes street style so cool and popular is its ability to balance between comfort and style. Therefore, choose what suits you best and make sure to include 1 or 2 at most pieces that are look slightly baggy on you. For instance, you can pair an oversized jacket with regular jeans and sneackers in a vibrant colour like blue, pink, red or yellow that will make your outfit stand out.

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