Tips on How to Pull off Urban Fashion

With the new wave of punk music came a new clothing style as well, in the 80’s and early 90’s a street style called ‘grunge’ was born. This look was originally started by the rock band star Kurt Colbain, and made worldwide popular by the fashion designer Mark Jacobs with his punk inspired ‘grunge line’ collection. The overall look of the urban grunge scene is worn-out clothing, bold combinations and a casual aesthetic.

The way you dress is a statement, it is the first thing people notice about you and we all know how important first impressions can be. Depending on what culture or even subculture you belong to, there can be a variety of fashion statements incorporated into your daily outfit alone (one such example is the American gang colours, blue for ‘crips’, red for ‘bloods’ and so on). To build your own personal style you first must start by picking your culture and it’s main apparel, and then branch out from there.

Urban Men Shirts

Today the urban style is used by both men and women to express their world views, emotions and personality through their clothing. Some people even go the extra mile and wear different clothes to express their daily mood.

Creating Your Own Urban Style

With such a complex ideal in mind, where do you even begin when putting together your urban look? Well, today we’re going to look into the clothing, combinations and accessories you can use to express yourself – creating a unique self image inside the world of urban fashion.


One of the key elements and centre of attention that will bring your style together are urban men shirts. During the warmer times of year a t-shirts would be ideal, but when the cold days arrive, you will need to layer your clothing. One combination is the t-shirt and shirt layers that are really popular in the urban fashion world.

  • T-Shirt – There are two main types of t-shirts that are used in the urban style. Plain t-shirts that consists one one colour and patterned or branded (band) t-shirts. The specific type you choose should be determined by your overall aesthetic appeal.
  • Shirts – The most commonly used urban man shirts are baggy, patterned and denim shirts. They can come in a plethora of colours from deep reds to light greys. They are also a good pick if you’re going for a more sophisticated and formal approach.
  • T-Shirt and Shirt – When autumn strikes and the temperatures start dropping, layer clothes become an essential way to preserve body heath. When layering shirts with t-shirts you should always stick to one pattern, after all you don’t want your outfit to be too clustered. And when it comes to colour, try to keep inside the colour pallet (ex. Gray and black, red and black, green and white, blue and white).


Taking one half of your body, trousers need to be well combined with your shirts to give off a completed look. In the urban fashion world, trousers tend to be baggy, tattered and bold.

  • Jeans – They can be a great casual clothing pick in the urban scene, but can vary in quality depending on your mood. For the ‘I woke up like this’ days, light or extremely dark jeans can work great. However if you want a ‘rebel’ statement, people tend to go for home-made ripped and tattered jeans.
  • Cargo Pants – If you are going with a patterned over shirt, cargo pants can be a great combo. In their natural design they are quite baggy and posses a clean, monochrome aesthetic.
  • Army Pants – Sure they are for more of the extremists, but don’t knock it till you try it. Put on a black t-shirt, a denim over-shirt and army pants and you’re good to go.


An assortment of accessories can be incorporated into your daily urban combinations. They can help accentuate or contrast your look, depending on what aesthetic you go for.

  • Hats – Urban hats can range from baseball caps to beanies. They usually have a brand printed on the front or have spikes to give off different statements.
  • Rings – One other thing used in the male urban community is rings. Try going for a small, silver ring for your thumb, the simpler the better.
  • Glasses – No matter what type of glasses you prefer big or small, dark or light, metal or plastic the urban style can take any.

At the end of the day, you are the author of your urban style. Find the types of clothings that best represent your emotions, world view and overall make you feel comfortable. Because the main goal of the urban style is to be casual, laid back and totally care-free.

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