Mind Your Back – Reduce Fatigue and Injury Risks with a Motorised Trolley

In the ever-evolving and fast-paced world of today, warehouses are becoming more and more busy places. Whether that’s thanks to the growth of e-commerce, shrinking lead times or global trade – nowadays, material handling environments are dealing with significantly more traffic and more volume. As a result of the increased work, all that hustle and bustle may lead to some serious safety concerns as employees scramble to meet these growing demands.

For that very reason, many companies have started considering compact, customizable solutions for their material handling needs. Naturally, the more forklift traffic there is in a plant or facility, the more potential there is for accidents to occur, and safety should be the number one concern in such environments.

There are entire safety programs focused on reducing trolley traffic and being safer in the working environment. One great machine that can significantly help in that is the motorised trolley – it can move tools, boxes, and heavy components with fewer safety issues. It is durable, reliable and powerful, specifically designed to be cross-compatible with hoists built by most major manufacturers. A motorized trolley can withstand severe use at or near rated capacities. It is easily adjustable to ride on a range of beam widths and can move hoists and materials throughout a facility with the simple push of a button.

These pieces of equipment are great for both indoor and outdoor use and they come with high load capacity. Typically, their platform has an anti-slip grip so that items don’t slide off easily during transit. They also feature a rubber bumper edge and an emergency stop button. Typically, a motorised trolley comes with forward and reverse drive options and has a variable speed controller.

Another great benefit of motorized trolleys is their ability to cover huge distances in a short period of time. Thanks to them, warehouse workers don’t need to haul inventory pallets across a large warehouse as motorization allows the operator to ride on the jack while transporting loads quickly and efficiently from one place to another. This, in turn, greatly contributes towards increasing employee productivity and safety which is undeniably a great benefit.

And the best part of it all is that with proper training, anyone, regardless of their physical strength or agility, can operate a motorised trolley. It is the ideal piece of equipment for businesses with physical limitations that would potentially restrict the vehicle’s ability to move supplies and equipment.

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