The Right Microphone Lead to Properly Address Your Needs

If you have wasted lots of hours recording your songs or your podcasts with a bad and scratchy sound then it is the right time to buy a good quality microphone lead. Even though the market is full of different types of cables, through the help of this article your work will be half done and the only thing you need to do is to decide which one will meet your standards.

Generally, mics output have very low signal, however, by using high-quality microphone lead your receiver will get a good signal and produce good sound. The low-output microphone always defines the sound better, however, when there are high frequencies there is static and bad quality sound.

Microphone Lead

Your decision on the cable should not depend on the price. It does not mean it is better if it is more expensive, however, there are also high-quality microphone leads with very premium prices. Another fact to reconsider is the age and length of the cable. If the cable is two years old still can do the job right, nevertheless, if you have a newer sound system it might not be compatible and fully functioning. The length depends if you either going to use it for concerts or studio/home areas. For concerts, of course, you need longer ones because you will stretch your act all over the stages, compared to studio/home areas where you are not moving at all.

The shield is also quite important for your decision making. With a better shield, you will get more protection, yet the price will up. Even though it is more expensive it offers more protection, thus making it the perfect choice for you. The thickness is not a judging factor, even a good protected cable can offer you double or triple protection while being thicker than some models. When it comes to this situation, it all depends on the manufacturers. Whether the conductor is made from gold ( you guessed it right) it is more expensive. They are the best conductors so if you are into serious recording then it is best to buy a gold conductor microphone lead.

Some microphone leads use star quad wiring which has four conductors instead of the normal two. They have internal connections and they behave like two conductors because they are paired together and very close inside the lead.

In conclusion, the choice is always up to you. If you want to invest into microphone lead then invest in something that will last for more than a year. There are always good choices online, and shopping has never been easier with the wide range of choices out there. You have all the basic info, now is up to you to choose the best one for your work/hobby.

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