The Evolution of the Oh So Loved Type of Footwear – The Sneakers

We have been wearing footwear for so long that shoes can date back to 40000 years ago, meaning man has wanted to keep his feet protected and comfortable for longer than recorded history can recall. And nowhere is this more prevalent than in modern day shoes, which have been designed with comfort and durability in mind. So many different designs have been introduced in the past century that now there is a plethora of different shoes to chose from, but in the modern day none are more popular than the sneaker.

Sneakers were first popularized in the early 1900s as a shoe designed specifically for sports and leisure wear. And when you look at sneakers from the 1920s you’ll see that the overall design isn’t all that different. The sneaker was given its name because of the rubber soles they were made with, because they were much quieter than any other material used at the time. A few years after its introduction the sneaker went global, namely a man by the name of Adi Dassler who created the most popular brand of athletic shoe in the world, Adidas. And this brings us to the Australian market which has mostly been reliant on imports from western nations. But currently you can get sneakers online Australia made ones to be specific.

There are lots of different shops and brands in the modern day and this is thanks to the internet. Many a company have expanded their branded sneakers online Australia wide, thanks to the many benefits that an internet connected world provides you can get a pair from anywhere. And sneakers have become the dominating shoe type across the globe because of their easy to make nature. A rubber sole with fabric be it synthetic or cloth and wide laces are what the sneaker is composed of, relatively easy to make materials. The visual design of sneakers is also something that most people really like about them.

Since sneakers are very plain with large sections of fabric that have nothing on them, some have decided to add artwork, vinyls and very creative colors to fill the space. This has lead to a boom in designer sneakers and athlete celebrities who collaborated with brands to create some extraordinary shoes that actually improve the athlete’s abilities in their preferred sport. Some sneakers have air pockets for added cushioning during jumps while others use built-in springs to achieve the same, and through this they have also become the go to shoe for every sport, the rubber giving the most comfortable sole of any shoe in history.

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