The Many Uses for Storage Cages

In every business and in every home there is always a need for some level of security. Mainly it involves either keeping people out or protecting certain items. There are of course many ways of doing both, like a security alarm for the former and a safe for the latter. However, while these are more focused on offering high-level protection for valuables like jewels or money, if all you need is a moderate level of protection, then a wire cage or partition is a much more perfect choice for you.

Storage Cages

Wire partitions and storage cages are a great way of both protecting certain items, and keeping people away from any machines or devices. They come in many different shapes and sizes and can be made to fit nearly anywhere depending on the exact amount of space available to you. They can also be made into constructs that have anything from 1 to 5 sides, depending on whether you only need it to function as a partition to a certain area or to completely encircle an object.

Some of the most common uses of storage cages are as holding cells to secure prisoners in correctional and detention centres, as well as for evidence storage and weapon and gear lockers in police stations. Going beyond the realm of law enforcement, they can very often be seen outside of homes and buildings, as well as on construction sites around certain pieces of equipment and items like gas bottles or electrical machinery. These items are usually either too unwieldy or too hazardous to be kept indoors, and so they are instead placed outside but close to the premises and encased in a storage cage to protect them. In this case the storage cages also have a second function of protecting unwary or nosy passers-by from getting themselves hurt accidentally.

Some other uses for wire cage materials include rack back panels that are meant to improve warehouse safety, pallet rack enclosures that, as the name suggests, secure the contents of the pallet racks and even as a secure storage space for important items or personal belongings.

One of the most useful benefits of the wire material constructions is that they can come as pre-configured cages available with as many sides as you need, and with various types of available gates including swing, sliding, dutch door and service wicket style. Another very useful benefit is that they are easy to install, meaning that if you decide to get one, it can be put up in relatively little time with even a limited assortment of tools.

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