The Many Applications of Thermal Cameras

Thermal imaging software is a relatively new piece of technology that has been incorporated into a variety of occupations for their very unique and useful applications for the occupations of plumbing, construction, IT, and some others but the main focus is these three occupations.

But what are the applications they use them for you might ask. In layman’s terms the thermal camera is simply a camera that gives you an image the same as any other camera except this one also shows you the level of heat at whatever you’re pointing the camera at. This works by using infrared radiation to send and recieve wavelengths that are used to detect the heat of whatever it is filming.

Flir E60 Thermal Camera

Their puprose is workplace specific, usually in construction and IT it is used to check the temperature of wiring and electrical devices. This is done to ensure the cables and switchboards are safe and not consuming electricity to the point of overheating. And for this there are many commercial cameras such as the FLIR E60 thermal camera that are made to be more affordable for the smaller contractors and plumbers. What used to cost half a fortune is now more affordable for everyone.

Allowing it to be used for more everyday tasks that it would’ve been impossible without this piece of modern equipment.But aside from the FLIR E60 thermal camera there are many different kinds of infra red cameras that are used for a variety of applications that range from taking pictures of distant galaxies to military applications to the detection of poluted areas with the help of it’s thermal imaging. Thermal cameras are also used for detecting specific diseases, such as skin disease or fevers with thermal imaging in both hospitals and airports in countries that have been quarantined because of a certain outbreak.

And with all of its uses the thermal camera has been steadily dropping in price but rising in quality at a steady pace. And with time it will become an even more accessible piece of equipment that can be used in more and more situations where its applications can shine. These can be in all of the aforementioned fields that already use the thermal camera extensively, but there are also many other occupations that could benefit from this extrodinary equipment. Even the average homeowner could put the thermal camera to use, by using it to inspect their house’s electrical wiring.

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