How to Pull Off the Cool and Unique Skater Look

With its loose shapes, awesome prints and a cool mix of vibrant and subtle colours, the skater style is a unique and chic trend that has a special place on the fashion scene. Skate-inspired clothing pieces are designed with the purpose to deliver killer outfits that not only look great, but are very comfortable as well, which makes them ideal for everyday casual wear. Whether you’re going on a romantic walk in the park with your loved one or enjoying a glass of refreshing beer in town with your mates, skate apparel is designed to make you look cool and well put-together at any casual occasion.

Skate Apparel

To pull off the skater look pay attention to both style and comfort when choosing pieces for your outfits. In fact, comfort is the main feature that makes skate apparel so unique and stylish. Oversized t-shirts, loose pants and baggy jumpers, all have the purpose to make skateboarding more comfortable and enjoyable. In addition to oversized, comfy pieces, many skater also like to wear loose jeans made from thicker, more durable denim, that can protect their legs from scratches while doing demanding skate trick. But, you don’t have to be a skater to rock a skate outfit in style. Choose pieces that have a distinctive skate vibe with cool shapes and fun prints and you can easily create a fashionable outfit that will surely make you stand out of the crowd.

The trend of wearing stylish ‘skatewear’ began during the 1970s, the period when skateboarding was gaining world wide popularity. Skaters at the time explored the streets on their skateboards wearing ripped Levis jeans, baggy t-shirts and Converse. These were the pieces that formed the basis for what was to become a major fashion trend that is nowadays praised by both skaters and fashion designers alike. Famous brands like Vans, Supreme, Adidas and Thrasher, all have skate clothing lines that are a unique mix of style and comfort. When it comes to creating an authentic skater look, you can never go wrong with a chic pair of Converse skate trainers. Their classic design and a range of colour options, make them ideal for any casual outfit. Vans can also be a great choice. With their practical yet fashionable design and vibrant colours, a nice pair of Vans can be just the thing you need to pull off a summer skate look.

In addition to a good pair of trainers, another staple for your cool outfits is a baggy t-shirt with a fun graphic print, logo design or a cool message. Since the weather in spring can be hot one minute and cold the next, consider layering your outfit with a hoodie or a jumper in a contrasting colour to the one of your t-shirt that will add variety to the outfit. You can pair your oversized t-shirt and Converse with skate style trousers. A slightly cropped model with a wider leg will be the perfect choice for the upcoming spring/summer session. To make your outfit appear more dramatic and unique choose trousers in a dark colour like black, brown or navy blue. If, however, you want to achieve a more subtle yet smart look, opt for ones in a neutral hue like beige or grey.

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