Warehouse Packing Bench: More Efficiency, Less Clutter

Having a sturdy and functional work bench on disposal can mean a lot for the workers in a warehouse where they have tons of packing to do on a daily basis. Apart from having an impact on efficiency, such bench can also reduce the physical strain workers experience. In light of that, warehouse managers need to be aware of the importance of purchasing a quality packing bench and that takes doing a bit of upfront research. Here are the most important variables that ought to be considered.

packing bench

A well-designed¬†packing bench¬†is a much needed addition that can enable the workers to have all the necessary materials close at hand. Having these items within arm’s reach can prevent muscle strain and help the workers be more efficient and save time. So, what does this actually mean? It means opting for a bench that has shelves, bins, drawers and some additional storage options. This will allow the workers to conveniently store their tools there (duct tape, scalpers, scissors, etc.).

Another thing to consider is the option of getting a mobile packing bench. These are usually made of light aluminium and feature four or more wheels and can be conveniently moved around the warehouse and address different packing requirements. It can be used for taking the bench over to the conveyor for instance and the workers can start packing there.

Ergonomics is yet another variable that enters the equation. For this purpose, the bench needs to be height adjustable so that the workers can perform task regardless of their height or whether they want to stand or seat. This can prevent fatigue and problems such as the bench not being functional for a certain individual.

Lastly, the size of the bench is also an important aspect. This is why before making any purchasing decisions, you need to think about the available space and whether you need one or more packing benches to keep the operations in the warehouse going smoothly. Apart from having benches, it is also important to have free floor space, so make sure you don’t compromise that and hog the much needed available space. In order to minimize clutter, avoid the option of packing benches that are too bulky and try to think both in terms of length and width. Balance is key so consider both the space required for the packing of materials and the space required for free movement.

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