Workplace Safety – Choose the Right Glove for the Right Job

The most important part of working in most environments is safety, it takes priority over every other factor in the workplace. Ensuring that workers finish their tasks without being injured by heavy machinery, sharp objects, their own tools or in the case of law enforcement from possible damage inflicted by a criminal. Safety is upheld in two primary ways, through equipment and rules.

When operating any form of machinery, tool, or weapon a worker has to always abide by the guidelines set by either the employer or the government. These rules usually fall under the category of don’t abuse the equipment other than its intended use and taking the precautions mandatory for using the equipment. The second way is by having the workers use the correct safety equipment when undertaking their tasks, some jobs need more protection others require less, but the most common protective equipment you’ll see most people wear are the safety gloves.

Gloves are a fairly important part of almost every occupation that has workers doing tasks with equipment or materials that can be fairly dangerous. There are many different types of gloves that are made of different materials and have different properties and resistances. Safety gloves come in a variety of sizes and materials the most common of which is standard or synthetic leather since it’s one of the strongest flexible materials that can be used for most physically stressful tasks, however, they can be ruined from water and drying which would make the leather brittle. One problem that comes with any form of glove is that they don’t conform to your hand, this is a fairly big problem when working with finer components and parts, which is why strong latex gloves have become the mechanic’s favourite type of safety glove.

You’ve probably seen people use latex gloves in mechanic’s shops, cleaning staff, medical staff, chefs and many more occupations where sanitation is fairly important. And the reason for this is because inadequate protection and sanitation can lead to hundreds of consequences which are detrimental to not only the company, its employees but also to the customers of said company which expect what they get to be safe. Having specific gloves for a specific task is also fairly important, this is because even the smallest of cuts can become infected and lead to the suffering and damage to the worker. By using the specific gloves you can have the best possible grip and protection for your hands and arms in some situation since most chemical gloves go over the sleeves of the person wearing them.

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